Focussing on art, sculpture, and landmarks, TalkWalk is dedicated to the delivery of a welcoming, friendly, thought provoking, intriguing, fascinating, intelligent, factual, fun, and engaging walking experience and discourse.

TalkWalk is designed as a conversation or discussion between the assembled.

Decoration. Embellishment. Statement. Beautification. Place-making. Creativity. Design. Detail. Heritage. New. Futuristic. Branding. Identity.

We’ll consider the gems and the lemons, the obvious and obscure – all in the eye of the beholder.

  • Informative, researched, fun, engaging, factual, interpretive.
  • Daily scheduled departures.
  • Smaller groups for optimum experience.
  • Central city departure locations, easy to locate

All too often we miss the finer points, we miss the magic and we miss the efforts that have been made to set something apart or to tell a story. In the past some of us were accused of walking around with our heads in the clouds. Now too many of us walk around with our heads in a screen, or our eyes at our feet. TalkWalk encourages and instructs you to look around, look up, look down, to notice where you are, and to espy those intricacies.

The best way to understand a place is to immerse yourself and experience it, to explore in greater detail – and even better, to do it with a knowledgeable guide.

Toronto is one of the world’s great modern cities. Behind the façade of the glass skyscrapers and the downtown buzz, there beats a heart, and a fascinating public art gallery awaits discovery and attention.