1What is the terrain like?
We cover most road, and floor surfaces. Be prepared for stairs and steps. We will walk on surfaces including concrete, tar-seal, marble, terrazzo, vinyl, carpet, rock, and grass. These surfaces can change in the dry or in the wet, in the heat or in the cold.
2What footwear is best?
As an indication of footwear, in summer, I’ll be wearing sneakers/trainers/gym-shoes. In winter I’ll be wearing walking shoes/boots/trainers more suited to cooler and wintry conditions.
3What should I bring?
You could consider bringing the following:
  • Water to sip on the way
  • Sunscreen for hot days
  • Umbrella for rain (and for shade on extra hot days)
  • Camera!
  • Rainproof or jacket suited to outside weather conditions
4What should I wear?
You will know what to wear to make your walk comfortable for you on the day, over a 2-3km terrain of hard surfaces inside, and mostly outside, in the weather conditions of the day. What will make you most comfortable on the day?
5Do you go in all weather conditions?
The short answer is yes! Much of the tour is conducted outside – so you need to be prepared for the conditions on the day.
  • Heatwave
  • Snow
  • Rain
  • Beautiful day
We go out in all conditions – so it’s up to you to judge if you’d like to as well! The guides will adjust the tour to try to make it more comfortable.
6What is the accessibility like?
Due to the number of stairs and steps, the daily scheduled walks are not suited to wheelchairs or prams. If you consider that you may be challenged by the accessibility, please contact us in order that we can arrange a bespoke accessible walking tour more suited to your needs.
7What level of fitness should I be?
It’s a walk, not a run. The group will invariably set the pace. My eldest client to date is a fit 80 year old. I recently escorted my 77 year old, fit mother in law (and her 70-something boyfriend) on the tour. You’ll know if you feel confident about walking approximately 2.5 km over a 2 hour period best. As we make numerous stops to observe works, there is time to more than catch your breath – and even 1 or 2 places have park benches for you to sit briefly.
8What is the group size?
The maximum size is 15. You may be the only one, or you may be one of up to fifteen on the tour.
9Are there washrooms/toilets?
If you feel the need to visit a washroom while we are on tour, please consult with the guide and they will direct you to the closest convenience.
10Is there a coffee/tea break?
The short answer is no. On a Sunday my friends wanted a coffee halfway through the tour – but there’s so much to see and fit in within the 2 hours. That’s why I’ve had to create two tours so far – and there’s more to be developed!

My recommendation is to get a coffee before we go, and I recommend Pilot Coffee Roasters in Union Station.
11Can I postpone or cancel?
If you need to postpone, simply amend your booking online within 24 hours. If there is room available on another day, then transferring your booking should be easy – however, if bookings are full we may not be able to accommodate your change and will have to arrange a refund. If you postpone under 24 hours from the tour, we will be unable to issue you with a refund.

If you need to cancel, simply do so online prior to 24 hours before the tour departs. If you do not show up, miss the tour, or cancel in under 24 hours we will be unable to issue you a refund, and the full fee will be incurred.
12Can I bring my pet?
Animals are not permitted on the walking tour. I love animals – but they are not permitted in many of the buildings we visit. If you are accompanied by a guide, assistive or service animal, please arrange with TalkWalk prior to a tour.